IT-DREPS 2013 Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

I. Oral Presentations

Authors with accepted papers are required to present their work at the conference presentation sessions.  To ensure proper planning for the presentation ahead of time, please read the following instructions:

  1. Refer to the "Conference Program" and locate the location, date, and time of your presentation
  2. Login, select your conference track, select upload biography & Presentation Slides
  3. Upload a copy of your biography (50 to 80 words).
  4. Upload a copy of your Presentation in either Power Point format, or PDF.  (Login, select track, select upload presentation)
  5. Contact your session chair at the day of your presentation, to ensure that your presentation has been downloaded on the session hall computer, and that it is ready for use.

Each presentation is given 20 minutes, this includes:

  1. 15 minutes for the entire presentations
  2. 5 minutes for Q & A

A PC with Microsoft Windows XP operating system and a Data show projector will be provided in each session room. For the presentation, each PC will be installed with Microsoft Power Point and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

II. Poster Presentations

  1. Poster session will be held in the lobby area of the conference venue. Each author is responsible for setting up and removing his/her poster according to the conference schedule. Please setup your poster 15 minutes before the session starts. Please remove your poster after the session ends.
  2. As many participants will walk around during the poster session time for questions and discussions with the authors, the authors are thus required to be present at their poster location during the session except for short breaks.
  3. The IT-DREPS organizer is not responsible for possible loss of posters left on the board after the session.
  4. The poster panel with Paper ID is provided for each poster presentation. The maximum usable area for each panel is about 90 cm (width) X 120 cm (height). Push-pins or adhesive tapes will be provided to attach your presentation materials onto the poster board.
  5. Your poster should be visible from several meters away; so lettering should be large and clear. Use color to emphasize important features. Diagrams and graphs should have clear captions.


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